Owl Alley

.1 Mile

A lovely shaded area with many pine trees and a pine needle floor, this trail connects Lake and Marshy Creek trails. 

  • Look for signs of great horned owls (pellets or feathers) 
  • Visitors periodically catch glimpses of these mighty hunters
  • Note the tire nest near the intersection of Owl Alley and Lake Trail where we have a successful mating pair of these majestic birds.
  • Breeding and nesting behavior can be observed from January through April

Stroller Accessible

Pellet Pass at Owl Alley

.1 mile

Pellet Pass connects Owl Alley and Lake Trail.

  • Look for owl pellets and other signs of birds of prey, such as feathers and small bones
  • Keep an eye out for woodpeckers and brown headed nuthatches
  • The path is sometimes very narrow and not always clearly marked

Not recommended for strollers.

No admission fees are charged for hiking on your own. Your donations are appreciated and will help us to maintain the trails. You may register for a Guided Hike of the property for a small fee (members may come along without charge).

Owl Family in Nest

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