Fox Pass

 .2 Miles One Way

Fox Pass connects Piney Point Path and South Meadow Trail.  Foxes, raccoons, deer, and rabbits use this trail to meander about the property.

  • The trail follows a fence line and ends at South Meadow Trail
  • As the habitats along the trail change from forest to marsh to meadow, so do the types of wildlife you’ll see
  • Look for warblers, catbirds, wrens, and sparrows
  • This path can be very overgrown; sometimes hard to follow

This is not accessible at this time.  Temporarily Closed. November 2017.

Not recommended for strollers.


Trail Admission Fees? None!

No admission fees are charged for hiking on your own. Your donations are appreciated and will help us to maintain the trails. You may register for a Guided Hike of the property for a small fee (members may come along without charge).

Red Fox

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