Hands-on environmental education for our youngest crowd!

The Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center is excited to announce that our  Creepy Crawler classes will now be a weekly series!

Crafted in line with Maryland’s Early Childhood Learning Standards, our classes designed for 2-5 year olds–accompanied by an adult explore various topics of the natural world – from critters to composting–through games, crafts, live animals or artifacts, stories, and most importantly hands-on participation.

The new weekly format provides a more consistent experience for learning, socialization, and communication- skills crucial to school readiness- while parents and caregivers get the added benefit of meeting other parents and caregivers.  A win for everyone! Additionally, each class includes a home connection element to extend the fun beyond CBEC.

Creepy Crawler classes are open to 2-5 year olds accompanied by an adult.  Classes are held Monday and Tuesday from 10:00 am-11:15 am.  Each class involves story time, craft, hike, live animals (or artifacts), and a snack.  Creepy Crawlers is held rain or shine and everyone should dress for the weather.  All hikes will be stroller-accessible. 

This is a 10 class series. Space is limited.

Pre-registration and Pre-payment is required.

Spring 2019 Series

March 4,5 – Rapturous Raptors: Meet CBEC’s birds of prey, find out what makes them special, and dissect an owl pellet

March 11,12 – Wiggling Worms: Discover why worms are wonderful, learn about vermiculture, and help build a worm farm

March 18,19 – Now You See Me, Now You Don’t: Identify the different types of camouflage, see how animals hide in plain sight and try your hand at blending in

March 25,26 – Bluebird Bonanza: Learn where these beautiful birds like to live, discover how their beaks help them feed on insects and explore a nesting box

April 1,2 – Snails, Slugs and Grubs: Examine the differences and similarities of these invertebrates, explore why slime is important and go on a dead log scavenger hunt

April 8,9 – Tadpoles and Frogs:  Investigate the life cycle of our amphibian friends, identify the frogs that call CBEC their home and dip net in our pond to try and catch one

April 15,16 – Fabulous Foxes: Find out why foxes are called “cunning”, examine a fox skeleton to determine what it eats and visit our fox dens to see if anyone is home

April 22,23 – Wonderful Wood Ducks: Learn about the habits of these colorful waterfowl, discover how their ducklings are amazing acrobats and check one of our nesting boxes for eggs

April 29,30 – The Strange and Amazing Bat: Find out which bats live in Maryland, examine what makes a bat’s wing special and use “echolocation” to find a juicy “insect”

May 6,7 – Caterpillars, Moths, Butterflies: Discover how caterpillars change, learn the differences between a moth and butterfly, and explore our meadow to find them

For questions, please contact Karen Bogue:  kbogue@bayrestoration.org

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