Hands-on environmental education for our youngest crowd!

Creepy Crawler classes are open to 2-5 year olds accompanied by an adult.  Classes are held the first Monday and Tuesday of each month from 10:00 am-11:15 am.  Each class involves story time, craft, hike, live animals (or artifacts), and a snack.  Creepy Crawlers is held rain or shine and everyone should dress for the weather.  All hikes will be stroller-accessible. 

Pre-registration and Pre-payment is required.   Unregistered walk-ins will only be allowed if space and supplies are available!

CBEC has instituted a new policy for registering for our Creepy Crawler events to help maximize our staff time and supply costs.  We are now requiring participants to pre-pay to successfully register a spot in our classes.  If a pre-paid class is missed, participants will be allotted a credit for a future class.  Unregistered walk- ins will only be allowed if space and supplies are available.

Pre- Register and Pay for all 12 Creepy Crawler classes and SAVE!  No refunds on this option.

Non-Member Price=  50 dollars for 12 sessions (a savings of 2 free classes)

Member Price=  30 dollars for 12 sessions (a savings of 2 free classes)


Cost: $3 (members) and $5 (non-members).

For questions, please contact Karen Bogue:  kbogue@bayrestoration.org

Also check out our Creepy Crawler Gardening Program!

2018 Creepy Crawlers Schedule:

Jan 02, 2018 (only Tuesday)        “Wintery Waterfowl”

Discover which birds like to make Lake Knapp their winter home and how to identify them.

Feb 05-06        “Bones, Tracks, and Scat”

Be an animal detective and find out “who was in the woods” by using clues left behind.

Mar 05-06      “Otters, Muskrats, and Beavers, Oh My!”

Learn about these sleek swimmers and how they’re alike and different.

Apr 02-03        “The Strange and Amazing Bat”

Discover what makes these flying mammals so important to our ecosystem and why they’re wonderful and not scary .

May 07-08       “Tadpoles and Frogs”

Do tadpoles turn into frogs, toads or both? Learn about the incredible life cycle of these amphibian friends and find out.

June 04-05       “Critters In The Bay”

Grab your wading shoes and a dip net and investigate who lives in the shallow waters of the Bay.

*Class will be held at the Beachside Pavilion. Please allot for a 15 minute walk to the pavilion before class starts at 10.

July 02-03         “The Remarkable Oyster”

Explore an oyster reef to discover its use as a habitat and filter for the Chesapeake Bay.

Aug 06-07       “Turtle Tales” AUGUST 6th CLASS IS NOW FULL

Why did the turtle cross the road? Find out the answer and more reptilian facts.

Sept 04 (only Tuesday)       “Caterpillars, Butterflies, and Moths”

What a change from crawler to flyer! Let’s follow the changes that happen with butterflies and moths.

Oct 01-02       “Along Came a Spider”

Dare to come face to face with an eight-legged, ten-eyed creepy crawler.

Nov 05-06       “Fabulous Foxes”

Furry, fabled, and fabulous! Hike to a fox den and learn if these creatures are as cunning as stories say.

Dec 03-04      “Oh Deer!”

Does Rudolph live in Maryland?  No, but his cousin the White-tail does.  Learn the similarities and differences!