Hands-on environmental education for our youngest crowd!

The Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center is excited to announce that our  Creepy Crawler classes will now be a weekly series!

Crafted in line with Maryland’s Early Childhood Learning Standards, our classes designed for 2-5 year olds–accompanied by an adult explore various topics of the natural world – from critters to composting–through games, crafts, live animals or artifacts, stories, and most importantly hands-on participation.

The new weekly format provides a more consistent experience for learning, socialization, and communication- skills crucial to school readiness- while parents and caregivers get the added benefit of meeting other parents and caregivers.  A win for everyone! Additionally, each class includes a home connection element to extend the fun beyond CBEC.

Creepy Crawler classes are open to 2-5 year olds accompanied by an adult.  Classes are held Mondays or Tuesdays from 10:00 am-11:15 am.  Each class involves story time, craft, hike, live animals (or artifacts), and a snack.  Creepy Crawlers is held rain or shine and everyone should dress for the weather.  All hikes will be stroller-accessible. 

This is a multi-class series. Space is limited.

Pre-registration for the entire series and Pre-payment is required.

Single classes and/or drop-ins cannot be accommodated. 

Fall 2019 Series

Sep 9,10 – Beautiful, Beneficial Bees:  Buzz, Buzz, Buzz! Discover why these insects are so important to our food supply, learn about their special waggle dance, and find out what types of bees we have at CBEC.

Sep 16,17 – The Remarkable Oyster:  It’s a rock, it’s a blob, it’s the Remarkable Oyster! Learn why oysters are an important Bay resource, explore oyster shell habitats, and discover what other critters live in around an oyster reef.

Sep 23,24 – The Scented Skunk:  Yuck! What’s that smell? Find out why skunks are sometimes stinky, learn what they eat, and go on an adventurous skunk hunt.

Sep 30, Oct 1 – Critters of the Bay:  Learn which turtle is Maryland’s state reptile, explore our tidal pool with dip nets, and discover who is living in the water at our beach. (This class will be held at our beach pavilion. Please allow 15-20 minutes to walk there and arrive by 10am.)

Oct 7,8 – Invertebrate Investigation:  They’re tiny but they’re mighty! Find out the differences between insects and spiders, learn how these mini-beasts help our environment, and investigate what lies beneath a rotting log.

Oct 14,15 – Otters, Muskrats, and Beavers:  Slip, slide, and swim! See what makes these animals alike and different, discover how they make their dens, and examine our ponds for evidence of their presence at CBEC.

Oct 21,22 – Furry, Fuzzy, Squirrels:  They flip and flop but never drop! Find out how many species of squirrels we have in Maryland, discover what makes them such amazing acrobats, and try to pin the acorn on the squirrel.

Oct 28,29 – The Itsy-Bitsy Spider:  What has eight legs and ten eyes? A spider of course! Learn how spiders make webs, observe a web up close, and hunt for spiders in our Pollinator Garden.

Nov 4,5 – The Colorful Woods:  Red, Yellow, Green, and Gold. Investigate the differences between deciduous and evergreen trees, learn why leaves change in the Fall, and collect materials to make your very own Leaf Man.

Nov 18,19 – Bones, Tracks, and Scat:  Clues, clues, everywhere! Discover the clues animals leave behind to let us know they’re there, become an animal detective to find out who has been visiting CBEC, and dissect an owl pellet to see who it has been eating.

For questions, please contact Karen Bogue:  kbogue@bayrestoration.org

Also check out our Creepy Crawler Gardening Program!