Hands-on environmental education for our youngest crowd!

Creepy Crawler classes are open to 2-5 year olds accompanied by an adult.  Classes are held the first Monday and Tuesday of each month from 10:00 am-11:15 am.  Each class involves story time, craft, hike, live animals (or artifacts), and a snack.  Creepy Crawlers is held rain or shine and everyone should dress for the weather.  All hikes will be stroller-accessible. 

Pre-registration and Pre-payment is required.   Unregistered walk-ins will only be allowed if space and supplies are available!

CBEC has instituted a new policy for registering for our Creepy Crawler events to help maximize our staff time and supply costs.  We are now requiring participants to pre-pay to successfully register a spot in our classes.  If a pre-paid class is missed, participants will be allotted a credit for a future class.  Unregistered walk- ins will only be allowed if space and supplies are available.

Pre- Register and Pay for all 12 Creepy Crawler classes and SAVE!  No refunds on this option.

Non-Member Price=  50 dollars for 12 sessions (a savings of 2 free classes)

Member Price=  30 dollars for 12 sessions (a savings of 2 free classes)


Cost: $3 (members) and $5 (non-members).

For questions, please contact Karen Bogue:  kbogue@bayrestoration.org

Also check out our Creepy Crawler Gardening Program!

2018 Creepy Crawlers Schedule:

Jan 02, 2018 (only Tuesday)        “Wintery Waterfowl”

Discover which birds like to make Lake Knapp their winter home and how to identify them.

Feb 05-06        “Bones, Tracks, and Scat”

Be an animal detective and find out “who was in the woods” by using clues left behind.

Mar 05-06      “Otters, Muskrats, and Beavers, Oh My!”

Learn about these sleek swimmers and how they’re alike and different.

Apr 02-03        “The Strange and Amazing Bat”

Discover what makes these flying mammals so important to our ecosystem and why they’re wonderful and not scary .

May 07-08       “Tadpoles and Frogs”

Do tadpoles turn into frogs, toads or both? Learn about the incredible life cycle of these amphibian friends and find out.

June 04-05       “Critters In The Bay”

Grab your wading shoes and a dip net and investigate who lives in the shallow waters of the Bay.

*Class will be held at the Beachside Pavilion. Please allot for a 15 minute walk to the pavilion before class starts at 10.

July 02-03         “The Remarkable Oyster”

Explore an oyster reef to discover its use as a habitat and filter for the Chesapeake Bay.

Aug 06-07       “Turtle Tales”

Why did the turtle cross the road? Find out the answer and more reptilian facts.

Sept 04 (only Tuesday)       “Caterpillars, Butterflies, and Moths”

What a change from crawler to flyer! Let’s follow the changes that happen with butterflies and moths.

Oct 01-02       “Along Came a Spider”

Dare to come face to face with an eight-legged, ten-eyed creepy crawler.

Nov 05-06       “Fabulous Foxes”

Furry, fabled, and fabulous! Hike to a fox den and learn if these creatures are as cunning as stories say.

Dec 03-04      “Oh Deer!”

Does Rudolph live in Maryland?  No, but his cousin the White-tail does.  Learn the similarities and differences!