“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” 

-Audrey Hepburn

Hands-on environmental education for our youngest crowd!  Creepy Crawler gardening classes are open to 2-5 year olds accompanied by an adult.  Classes are held on Wednesdays and Thursdays  from 10:00 am-11:15 am.  Pre-registration is required!

Each class involves hands-on work in our garden, games or arts and crafts, and a snack.  These classes are held rain or shine and everyone should dress for the weather.

Pre-registration and Pre-payment is required.   Unregistered walk-ins will only be allowed if space and supplies are available.

2020 Class Schedule

March 18/19 – What Is a Plant?  Learn all about plants and their parts, start seeds for our garden and make your own wheat grass pet

April 15/16 – Fruit or Vegetable?  Find out the difference between the two and what all plants need to grow. Help start our Three Sisters raised bed.

May 20/21 – From Seed to Sprout  Examine a seed, learn it’s parts and what they do, and get dirty planting seeds and sprouts in the garden

June 23/24 – We’re Eating What?  Learn the different parts of a plant that we eat, try to eat a whole plant and plant potatoes and sunflowers in the garden

July 15/16 – Friend or Foe?  Discover which bugs are helpful and which are not. Help us start pumpkin vines for Halloween.

August 19/20 – The Fruits of Labor  It’s harvest time! Let’s pick some produce and find out what we can make with our bounty

September 16/17 –  The Seasonal Garden Replant our spent beds with Fall produce. Make a mini scarecrow for your mini garden

October 21/22 – Halloween Harvest  Pick pumpkins from our patch, explore what’s inside, and take one home for Halloween

November 18/19- Replenishing the Soil  Find out what a cover crop is and how it can benefit next year’s garden. Gather our final harvest of the year

For questions, please contact Karen Bogue:  kbogue@bayrestoration.org

Our 2019 Creepy Crawler Preschool class series is available as well! Check it out here.