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Countdown to Summer Camp

It may seem a long ways off, but we are already eagerly anticipating our upcoming season of summer camp! It may be the cold weather that has us thinking about summer, or it may be our exciting plans for new sessions like “Cool and Unusual Critters of the Chesapeake” and “Chesapeake Explorers Travel Camp: Adventure Edition,” plus hands-on nature play and exploration, as well as lots of traditional camp fun and games.

LIFE 2017, Now In Its 14th Season

LIFE is an adult stewardship/education program tailored to improve the quality of biotic life in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Participants attend 9 fascinating educational sessions and participate in site visits guided by expert scientists, environmental educators, and professional consultants.

tundra swans

Creature Feature: Tundra Swans

No, they’re not snow geese. They’re bigger and have a longer neck. That flock of large white birds you may see this time of year could be our native Tundra swan, which likes to visit Chesapeake Bay area farm fields and waterways during its migration from the Arctic tundra. Tundra swans, also known as whistling swans, migrate to the bay region in late October and early November and head back to the tundra in early spring to breed.

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Critters and Cocktails

Join us for a winter evening speaker series of entertaining and educational talks on wildlife of the Chesapeake Bay Region paired with appetizers and beverages! The series starts on Wednesday, January, 25th and runs every fourth Wednesday thru April 19th. Appetizers and beverages sponsored by local venues will be served at 6:30pm followed by the presentation from 7pm to 7:45pm.

Creepy Crawlers, Learning From Nature

Hi! I’m Karen Bogue and I’m the new Creepy Crawler Educator at CBEC. I live in Stevensville with my husband, Jason; two daughters, Ellie and Emma; and our dog Bear. I’m a former pre-K and kindergarten teacher and initially got my start in environmental education many years ago as an intern at Pickering Creek Audubon […]


Creation of Pollinator Habitat at CBEC

By: Julie Slacum, USFWS Annapolisberryjam.ruБезопасные SEO эксперименты Birds, bats, bees, butterflies, moths, flies, beetles, and other small animals that pollinate plants, help provide us with fruits, vegetables, nuts, oils, fibers, and raw materials. As pollinating animals visit flowers to drink nectar or feed off of pollen grains, they transfer pollen plant-to-plant which facilitates reproduction of […]

Annual Auction Fundraiser

Wet & Wild Auction: A Wild Success

Thank you Auction Committee, sponsors, donors, volunteers, and to everyone who attended for making our 12th Annual Wet & Wild Auction an absolute success, despite high water trying to flood us out! We raised $65,000! The Auction kicked off our Lakeside Pavilion Campaign to build a state of the art education building to replace our […]

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Hands-On, Feet Wet Experiences at CBEC Make Learning Seem More Like Playing

At CBEC, learning looks a lot different than in the classroom. Kids can be seen towing nets through the water, digging through oyster shells, quietly observing birds, and hiking trails in search of geocaches . Every year, over 8,000 students travel to CBEC for hands-on field experiences with their schools. We also offer 10 weeks […]