Creepy Crawlers, Learning From Nature

Hi! I’m Karen Bogue and I’m the new Creepy Crawler Educator at CBEC. I live in Stevensville with my husband, Jason; two daughters, Ellie and Emma; and our dog Bear. I’m a former pre-K and kindergarten teacher and initially got my start in environmental education many years ago as an intern at Pickering Creek Audubon […]

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Hands-On, Feet Wet Experiences at CBEC Make Learning Seem More Like Playing

At CBEC, learning looks a lot different than in the classroom. Kids can be seen towing nets through the water, digging through oyster shells, quietly observing birds, and hiking trails in search of geocaches . Every year, over 8,000 students travel to CBEC for hands-on field experiences with their schools. We also offer 10 weeks […]

It’s Never Too Late to Learn Something New!

Maryland is a state of “wonders” with lots to see, do, learn, and enjoy! The mission of the Maryland Master Naturalist Program is to engage citizens as stewards of Maryland’s natural ecosystems and resources through science-based education and volunteer service in their communities.RPK Tramplin CBEC is honored to host the Coastal Plain section of the […]